Film Festival Project

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Create a 700- to 1,050-word proposal for a themed film festival. First, select your theme. The theme could be anything from a specific genre like the western, to a topic like LGBTQ representations, to a specific time period, and everything in between. Answer the following questions in your proposal: (USE THE GENRE WESTERN)

  • Why did you select this theme? Be sure to indicate its importance to you.
  • Identify three films that will serve as the main event for the festival. How does each film relate to the theme? Consider the following elements in the films you selected:
    • Cinematography
    • Sound and music
    • Editing
    • Narrative
    • Genres
    • Film theory
    • Instead of providing the general plot summary, discuss how specific scenes from each film relate to the theme you selected.
    • What will film festival viewers learn about film by attending this festival?

Film Freeway is a MUST USE resource for one of the resources.

You might also check Google to find the film festival nearest you.

Include citations and references throughout your paper. APA formatting is required.

Be sure to enclose all direct quotes in quotation marks. (All assignments will be processed through before grading.) Be sure to include in-text and reference page citations for all words or ideas taken from other sources. Son of a Citation Machine is a good resource for formatting citations. It is free for limited use:

Here is a good website for practicing how to put ideas into your own words (paraphrase):

Be sure to acknowledge your source when you paraphrase with in-text and reference page citations.

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