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Please provide 200 words in feedback to the following.

I think illustration is important because when used correctly, it offers our readers specific examples of our main idea. For example, the book “The Writer’s Wold: Paragraph and Essays,” defines the use of illustration as; “You illustrate, or give examples, any time you want to explain, analyze, narrate, or give an opinion about something.” If this explanation is true, that means we use illustration in almost every aspect of our daily life, but we should not confuse illustration with description. For instance, when doing a presentation at school, we use examples like pictures, research materials, or even facts, to help our audience to better understand our main point. At the same time, we describe our presentation to our audience by the use of specific details in order for them to visualize our main point. Generally, they are both important for writing and communicating, but illustration is more common, in my opinion, since we use examples almost every day.

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