extend the proposal to a final paper

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professor made the comments on the outline you did before!

overall, I don’t think the outline is what professor looking for

please check it and let me know if there’s any problem!

Research Paper

A five-page (single-spaced; excluding references and tables)

identify two counties, cities, or firms and compare how they are responding to climate change.

The paper should follow the following format:
– Identify two units you wish to study;
– Briefly explain how they are similar or different (the rationale for comparing them)?
– Specify the policies (mitigation and/or adaptation) you are comparing;
– Why are you focusing on these policies; what do they reveal about these units’ climate policies;
– Are the responses of these units similar or different? How? Why?;
– The “therefore what?” question: how has this paper illuminated your understanding of climate policy.


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