Explain the difference between Reinforcement and Punishment in Operant Conditioning. explain

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This activity will be a full class discussion. It must be completed by 11:59 pm Sunday of Week 2. I suggest you make your initial post in Week 1 so that you have time to respond to your peers in Week 2. That gives you two weeks to complete this discussion.

  1. Review Operant Conditioning in your textbook.
  2. Think about these two questions:
    • Explain the difference between Reinforcement and Punishment in Operant Conditioning.
    • Explain why psychologists encourage reinforcement of behaviors rather than punishment.
  3. Create a written response answering these questions and post it in the Chapter 7- Reinforcement vs. Punishment class forum as a new thread. Be aware that you must submit a post before you can see your classmates’ posts.
  4. Read the responses posted by others in the class. Post responses to at least four other students’ comments. Your responses should be respectful and given in the spirit of helping everyone learn. Read the General Discussion Ideas linked above for ways to contribute to a helpful discussion.
    • Responses need to be substantive by asking questions and sharing your answer to the question, giving examples or counterexamples, etc. Responses that consist of only one statement of agreement or disagreement will not earn full credit. Responses that are completely off-topic will also not receive credit.
    • You will receive only partial credit if all your submissions are posted on the same date. For instance, you can post two times on one day and three times on another day. Spacing your postings across several days allows for more of a dialogue. When you post, others need time to respond to your post

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