Ethics Class

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Choose one of the 5 questions to respond to regarding duty ethics and utilitarian ethics.

Is it ethical for a government to limit people’s access to drinking water during a water shortage? Us the Cape Town water crisis as an example and explore the situation from a rights ethics and a utilitarian perspective. For information on the Cape Town drought:…

Did Morton Thiokol knowingly take extra risks out of fear that it would lost its NASA contract? How could you ethically factor this into the decision making?

What role did whistleblowing have in the Challenger story? How could Boisjoly have better communicated the urgency of the situation?

How different are personal ethics and professional ethics? Have you found this difference to be significant in your experience?

Do engineers have a responsibility to inform municipal governments if continued development could cause widespread flooding as seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area? Use this example to explore from the concept from a duty rights ethics and utilitarian ethics perspectives.

Please I need summarized answers , short answer. i don’t want essay.

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