Essay in Celebrities in the 21st century

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Celebrities in the 21st century have been actively involved in charity giving around the world, particularly in developing countries. Not
only do they become ambassadors of global and local nonprofit organisations, but they also set up their own foundations to support
various social causes, and direct the public attention they receive towards humanitarian projects. Choose a celebrity from Hollywood or
around the world, and use the Circuit of Culture theory model (Curtin and Gaither, 2005) to explore your chosen celebrity’s publicity
effort in promoting their chosen social cause. Your response should illustrate the dynamics of the model’s five ‘moments’
(representation, production, consumption, identity, and regulation), and discuss specific media examples (e.g. promotional materials and
news reports) to support your analysis and critical evaluation.


Word limit: 4000 words

Reference style: Harvard style preferred

Criteria for marking:

    • ● Fluent scholarly style of writing: structure and phrase the writing to clearly advance an argument in a style appropriate to academic
    • ● Choice of case study: justify the case study selected and explain its context using evidence gained from research
    • ● Critical engagement with theory: demonstrate an understanding of relevant theoretical approaches and apply them effectively to
      the chosen case study
    • ● Referencing and resourcing: demonstrate an adequate number and good balance of industry and scholarly readings, and
      demonstrate a consistent citation style that accurately identifies the works referenced. Wikipedia and other encyclopaedia-style
      websites will not be regarded as a scholarly reference for all the assessments in this unit.

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