Essay 4-6 pages The Last Madam

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4-6 page essay on The Last Madam.

In the last
quote of the book, Norma Wallace sums up what she thought of her
life: “You know, in another life, I might have been a captain of
industry. What the hell—maybe I was.” What are the
factors about New Orleans and Louisiana society and politics that made her so
successful for so long? (consult chapters 12-14 to see what these factors
are) Include specific examples of the ways in which Wallace
maintained control of her business, and, in some sense, some of the elected
officials in New Orleans. What factors in the city’s politics
and society made it possible to finally shut her down? What
does the success of her business say about the “code” among the upper classes
in New Orleans regarding their public and private lives? Finally,
what does Wallace’s life tell us about the “expected” and “actual” role of
women in New Orleans, and in general from the 1920s to the 1960s? (4-6
pages, double spaced, standard margin, 12 font).

Please include examples from The
Last Madam,
as well as from the textbook. This is
required. You are not allowed to use any other sources on this paper. And
address your essay to the questions asked. Due April 10

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