Enterprise Development

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– Required to write a business plan for a product or service of your choice related to Ireland “Must be new and first idea”.

The business plan should include the following areas, please ensure that you follow the
detailed guidelines and format in business as shown below:

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Principals involved in the venture

1.2 The Product / Service

1.3 Target Market

1.4 Level of Profitability

1.5 Funding Requirement & Return on Investment

2. Description of the product / service

3. Industry and competitor analysis

3.1 Political, Economic, Social & Technological Trends

3.2 Market Opportunities & Threats

3.3 Industry Structure

3.4 Competitor Profiles

4. Marketing Plan

4.1 Market Size & Market Segments

4.2 Customer Profile & Behavior

4.3 Market Research

4.4 Market Strategy

Positioning Strategy / Pricing Strategy / Distribution Strategy / Promotion & Sales Strategy / Service & Quality Strategy

4.5 Estimated Sales

5. Production Plan

5.1 Location

5.2 Production Process & Facility Layout

5.3 Equipment Requirements & Costs

5.4 Sources of Raw Materials

5.5 Cost of Production, Warehousing & Transport

5.6 Legal Requirements

6. Human Resources & Organisational Structure

6.1 CVs of Entrepreneurs & Senior Management

6.2 Managerial Responsibilities & Reporting Structure

6.3 Staffing & Skills Requirements

6.4 Employment & Labor Legislation

7. Financial Plan

7.1 Cash Flow Forecast

7.2 Profit and Loss Accounts

7.3 Balance Sheets & Funding Sources

7.4 Break-even Analysis & Return on Investment

8. Critical Risks

9. Start-Up Schedule

10. Appendices (If Possible)

*** Words count = 5000 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.


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