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Your second assignment in the creation of your Evaluation Paper (4G) is to create your Annotated Bibliography (4B).

An annotated bibliography formalizes your research process. It forces us to spend a bit more time thinking about the sources we’re using, whether we can trust them, and how we are using them in our writing.

For this assignment, we are considering outside literary criticism as a means to complement our own analysis of texts. As such, you should take your questions and assumptions from the pre-writing exercise and challenge them by locating one or more sources of academic quality that provide insightful literary criticism on your chosen literary piece (noSparknotes, Cliffnotes, etc. will be accepted).

You will need to use credible library and/or Internet resources. Your annotated bibliography should include four distinct parts:

  1. A full citation of each source in MLA Style as it would appear on your Works Cited page (alphabetical order, hanging indentations, etc.).
  2. A short one paragraph summary below each source of the important information it contains.
  3. A thoughtful one paragraph explanation below each source of why you found this source to be credible.
  4. A short one paragraph explanation below each source of how you could use this source to develop your topic and support your thesis.

Other than the citation, each part of your Annotated Bibliography should consist of complete sentences. Make sure to visually distinguish each part of the assignment.

Your initial copy can be typed and printed or hand written and should be completed in class during our library day. In fact, it should be shared with me for my review before you will be dismissed on the day in question. A final version should be submitted electronically along with your other assignments when your final draft is due.

Sources can be electronic or print, but should be of academic quality (no .com, no wiki, no dictionaries or encyclopedias).


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