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Respond to Prompt #3, plus EITHER Prompt #1 OR Prompt #2. In other words, you must respond to the question about your experience with the web site, but you may choose which of the others to answer.

1. “All American Sestina” and “The Facebook Sonnet” both use forms (the sestina and the English sonnet) that are a significant part of poetry’s history, but that seldom get used today. Why do you think these contemporary poets chose to use these traditional forms to address contemporary American culture?

2. The best elegies manage to grieve for a specific person, while also implying something universal and profound. Discuss whether you thought the two elegies from unit met that criteria—beyond simply praising the dead person, did they say anything that struck you as universally true or significant?

3. Discuss your experience with the prosody web site. Did it take a while to successfully scan the poems, or did you catch on to it quickly? Do you still have questions about meter that your instructor or classmates may be able to answer?


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