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are so many academic and social benefits to providing AT devices for students
with physical disabilities. Without their implementation, students and teachers
are both at a huge disadvantage academically. First, watch the movieHow Assistive Technology Enables
fully explore the “DO-IT” webpage.  Then, take the role of a special
educator who has a student with a physical limitation in your classroom who you
know would benefit from assistive technology.  Using research-based
information to support your position, choose one AT device that is geared
toward people with physical disabilities and justify a request for funding to
purchase this equipment.  Make sure to include the cost, any required
training, and how it will impact the student short and long term. 

a new high school level special educator at a high school, you are ready to take
on the world of inclusive education, by working with a general educator to
truly create a collaborative environment.  You have been offered your
first position co-teaching a biology class, which makes you a little nervous
since this really isn’t your strongest subject.  During your first few
weeks, you haven’t co-planned much with the general education teacher, but you
have spent more time supporting the eight students who have IEPs, two of whom
are hard of hearing and one who has low vision. The classroom is equipped with
a SMART board and an ELMO, both of which you have never seen the science
teacher use during her lecture-based instruction. 

Present a discussion to your general education teacher about the missed
opportunities to incorporate the AT already in her room that is specific to the
content area.  Explain to your collaborating teacher how the classroom
equipment (and make recommendations for other devices) supports not only your
students who have sensory deficits, but may also assist others in the
classroom.  Include at least two additional devices specific to aiding
those who are hard of hearing, and at least two for the student who has low

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