editing first draft essay

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Please review the feedback I left you carefully. In order to receive the full 5 extra credit points, you must make a checklist of 3-5 things you can work on and why when preparing Sunday’s rough draft. Your reflection must be 100-200 words. Please submit an MLA-formatted document with your word count as a 5th line in the heading. Use a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file format. Make sure you are using complete sentences, though bullet points or numbering is acceptable.

Here are some suggestions for you to work on as you revise your draft:

MLA Formatting: 1) Make sure your header is the same font size and style as the rest of the paper, and include one space between the name and page number. 2) Avoid extra spacing between the word count and title. 3) Do not put your title in bold.

Title: Good–just capitalize “Analysis.”

Introduction: 1) Opener looks fine.. 2) You need to include an extensive summary of his article. You can use the one you submitted for homework. 3) You need to identify his target audience, tone, and purpose.

Thesis: Right now, you do not have a thesis that indicates to the reader what your task for this essay will be. Be sure to also put your thesis in bold.
Organizational Plan: Your plan is not clear, overall. Some of your body paragraphs do not have clear topics, and others seem to repeat topics already covered.

Body Paragraphs: You should aim for 2-3 direct quotes from the article per body paragraph to support each topic sentence.
Conclusion: More evaluation needed.

Templates: Use and underline a minimum of 10.
Grammar: Overall, you need to work on punctuation, word choice, and spelling.


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