ece332 week 4 discussion 2 RESPONSE c.s., psychology homework help

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Analyze their suggestions and compare their personal experiences with your own. Discuss the outcome of your experiences, and whether their suggestions have worked or failed for you in the past. Suggest additional activities and/or strategies that they might find helpful.

When I was younger I was really into cheerleading. I started at a young age and continued through my high school years. My squad would compete in cheerleading competitions and we would travel from state to state during the summer to compete. Although cheerleading was really fun for me and the other girls, there were a handful of us who couldn’t tumble. We were included in the dancing and stunting portions during practices, and when we would work on our routine, but when it was time for the girls to tumble the ones who couldn’t tumble had to stand aside. For me and the girls who weren’t included, it was depressing to see the others being included when we weren’t. Our individual characteristics didn’t allow us to be able to tumble and we were aware that was the reason why we weren’t included.

While the other girls were tumbling, I took the initiative and told all of the girls that we need to work on something else instead of just standing around. So from that day forward, instead of standing around and watching those who could tumble at practice, we all worked on things that we could do on our own and had control over. We worked on our jumps, our stretches, arm and leg workouts to gain strength for stunting, and also sharpening up on our motions. When our coach noticed we were improving on out jumps and motions, she moved a lot of us around and put those who had better jumps in the front during routines. During completions who ever had the best jumps would be in front to accumulate more points. This really boosted out confidence knowing that we were showing improvement and that others could tell. Even though we couldn’t tumble with the others, we could still improve ourselves to get to do other things.

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