Eat Drink Man Woman

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In your initial post, identify one major and one minor character you find most interesting in the movie Eat Drink Man Woman. Use the list of characters to help you identify the characters. Since the sisters’ names are very similar, you may want to use a descriptor such as the oldest, middle, or youngest sister when referring to each sister. Explain your reasons for selecting these two characters. With which foods and/or philosophy of food is each character associated? In what way is the conflict the characters face embodied in the foods with which they are associated?

Remember, the initial post should be between 75 to 150 words and is supposed to open the discussion. The follow-up posts should also not exceed 150 words to keep the exploration of the initial points succinct and focused. Support your analysis with references to specific scenes and paraphrases or, if possible, dialogue from a particular scene or scenes.

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