East Carolina University Cytoplasm Project

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  • Cell Project – You must create a 3D model of a prokaryotic or eukaryotic (plant or animal) cell. This means that the model must have length, width, and height. No more than 2 people can work together. The cell must be labeled with a minimum of 8 organelles/cell parts. This project must be neat, creative, complex, and well-organized as well as representative of the cell itself. You must take pictures of the process of creating your cell project, and present it in a powerpoint presentation along with a description on each slide. This project must be uploaded in the assigned Moodle forum by the due date. You are NOT allowed to use the following:
    • Play-Doh
    • Styrofoam Ball (as the base of the model)
    • Jello

    EXAMPLES ATTACHED!!! PLEASE LOOK! My last tutor sent me a keynote with drawings. This is not what the assignment is supposed to be!

  • I think baking a cake would be a great idea and the easiest thing to do. Please remember to follow the directions and label as well.

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