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TASK – 1:

Submit a work proposal within 24 hours which must include:

Understanding of deliverable’s – a detail description of deliverable’s.

General overview of proposed plan – initial understanding of solution to all tasks.

Resources identified.

TASK – 2:

a. Kindly read the research paper Schöder, D., Ding, F. and Campos, J. (2016) “The Impact of E-Commerce Development on Urban Logistics Sustainability”. Open Journal of Social Sciences 04 (03), 1-6.

– Debate on how Muscat can be made sustainable ecommerce society. (5 points)

b. Kindly read the research paper Matthews, H., Hendrickson, C. and Soh, D. (2001) “Environmental and Economic Effects of E-Commerce: A Case Study of Book Publishing and Retail Logistics”. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board 1763, 6-12.

– Critically evaluate on cost advantage and environmental benefits of E-Commerce. (5 points)

TASK – 3:

Carefully read the provided research papers and answer the following questions:

– Factors Involved in Customer Avoiding E-Banking in Pakistan.

– Adoption and Use of Internet Banking in the Sultanate of Oman: An Exploratory Study.

a. Discuss 5 factors that are involved in customers avoiding E-Banking in Oman. You can choose any local bank to discuss for argument.

b. Propose 5 recommendations to eliminating the barriers in adapting to e-banking. Recommendations should comprise of Social, Legal and Ethical barriers and their solution.

** 600 words only for each question.

** Total word Count = 2500 words Only.

** At least 15 different References like: books, journal articles, newspaper articles, electronic books, electronic journals etc.

** In-text Citation and References for all parts using Harvard Style.


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