Due in 24 hours – critical thinking

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due in 24 hours


Critical Thinking Questions – Chapter 14 – Urbanization and Population Growth

Hello Student

Chapter 14 – Urbanization and Population Growth

Critical Thinking Questions

Please answer the following questions below.  Please type one paragraph for each question.  Please pay attention to each question.  Each question has two parts.

Five to eight sentences will compose a paragraph.  Question #1 is based on your personal experience.  If you do not have a car, pretend as if you do…

1.  Could you go car fee?  Why or why not.  Answer Yes or No and Type one paragraph

     Explain your dependence (or lack of dependence) on an automobile. – Type one paragraph


2.  How can sociology be used to encourage the expansion of car-free or pedestrian zones?  – Type one paragraph

     Which sociological perspective(s) would best apply. Type one paragraph


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