drama paper 3

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Answer just 3 questions from this list

Though this is a very short drama, it is packed with substantive topics! Select THREE questions from below for your posts:

ï‚· Discuss the various domestic symbols: the “incompleted” work of Mrs. Wright, the bird and the birdcage, the “knot” action.

ï‚· Follow the women’s “decoding” of the situation; would you say they speak a language different from the men? Or is it only the value system (male vs female?) that they “talk around?”

ï‚· Discuss the role of “subversiveness” Is it a “woman thing”? Do you see it evidenced today?

ï‚· Does Glaspell shed some light on “public” vs “private” spheres? Still true today?

ï‚· Discuss the role of irony in the play: is justice served?

ï‚· Discuss the rights of Mrs.Wright: this is a huge topic. Perhaps you might want to break it down to simply defending her or finding her guilty of murder. (Is it possible to have a “fair trial”)? Does time frame matter?


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