Do you understand U.S. Foriegn Policy, political science homework help

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three U.S. foreign policy issues and why you support or oppose them.

You can use information from the lectures, the textbook Chapter on

Foreign Policy, the attached reading from Michael Parenti, and also

information from additional readings, the film

clips, and news headlines shown in class as references. Please cite

references. Be specific.

down below I added some readings. I have more, also you can speak about global warming, tax payers, etc. Also, no page limit, I’m guessing should be about 3-4 pages because you have to speak about 3 issues of foreign policy. other things to look at news head peoples choice or democracy now. If you are willing to this paper you have to be an critical thinker and see things from all different point of views.if you need more reading i have some.

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