Do you believe the United States should change to a direct democracy or remain a representative democracy

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ALL journal entries must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary

1.Do you believe the United States should change to a direct democracy or remain a representative democracy? Explain your answer. Give an example of how you think the democracy in the United States would be helped or hurt if the country switched to a direct democracy. Use facts to support your opinion

2. Why do you think voter turnout in the United States is lower than that of most well-established democracies in other nations? What do you think could be a way to increase voter turnout? Use facts to support your opinion.

3. If you were to work for an elected official, would you prefer to work in a smaller group that is more hands-on, grass roots, and collaborative, or would you rather work in a large, bustling atmosphere of professional politico and consultants? Which do you think would produce better results? Use examples to support your opinion.

4. If you were just elected governor of your state, which of your qualities and skills do you think would lend themselves most to that position? Which qualities or skills do you think you would need to add to your repertoire, and why?

5.First, try to think of a situation in which the individual rights of an accused criminal should be considered above the individual rights of his or her victim. Now that you have created this situation in your mind, how would you feel if you or a family member were the victim in the situation? Does this affect your response?

6. Do you vote? Why, or why not? What would it take to change your mind (to either vote or stop voting)? Provide three reasons why you do or do not vote and three things that would cause you to change your mind.

7. Comment on the influence of minorities on the political process and the impact of affirmative action. Have you personally seen an impact in your life or someone’s you know?

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