Dissertation “How did remote working during the Covid-19 era impact the managerial stability of companies?”

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This is a dissertation, which means it requires deep research. Primary research should be used but you can make it up (just tell me beforehand). The brief will be attached along with the formative draft (3000 words) that I have written already, for which I got the feedback below. You can use it if you make the necessary changes and improvements to it. Please make sure to follow the guidelines, templates and requirements thoroughly. It is a very important assessment. Plagiarism is not acceptable and only academic references should be used.

Executive Summary 3/5)

Clear research question however the actual research approach is not summarised well.

Introduction (14/20)

The research problem is explained well. The aim, question and objectives are well formulated with the possible exception of the fourth one. Motivation and audience is explained. I would use the term remote working rather than teleworking throughout,

Real-world comparison (22/30)

Different studies explored and the student has provided some level of critical analysis. The section reads well however more papers could have been consulted

Research Approach (17/35)

Not clear how the sample will be selected in terms of sector, companies or even countries. Lacks focus. The questionnaire in the appendix is somewhat basic

Presentation ( 2/5)

Fine overall.

Overall Impression (2/5)

A well selected topic, the research strategy needs reformulation


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