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Respond to the following questions, based on the company you are analyzing, Costco:

What continuous improvement strategies can your company implement to improve its operational performance? List at least two strategies and provide an explanation as to how they can be implemented?

Reply to this classmates post:

Two continuous improvement strategies that Ford Motor Company could use to improve its operational performance would be Lean Manufacturing and Total Quality Management. Lean Manufacturing focuses on quality and eliminating waste. Ford Motor Company has been beset by recalls on many of its vehicles which cost the millions of dollars and more importantly tarnishes the Ford brand. Adopting a process such as lean manufacturing and implementing it into Ford Motor Company’s business model would take some time but it could be done. The first step would be to bring in management that has been successful in the use of lean manufacturing principles and having them teach these same principles throughout the company. Total Quality Management would be the perfect pairing to lean manufacturing because it focuses primarily on customer satisfaction, employee involvement, process enhancements, and communication. TQM could be implemented in the customer services and employee satisfaction arenas while lean manufacturing could be used in brand improvement and manufacturing improvements.


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