Discussion: Obstacles to Critical Thinking

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Now that you have read and reflected on Chapter 2, Obstacles to Critical Thinking, answer the following questions in your discussion post:

  1. Identify and explain one of the following: a) the psychological obstacle of self-interested thinking, b) the psychological obstacle of group thinking c) the philosophical obstacle of subjective relativism, and d) the philosophical obstacle of social relativism.
    • Give your own example for it and discuss how it could be detrimental or destructive to the individual or to society.
    • Reflect on your own experience, has there ever been a time in your life where this obstacle has presented itself and prevented you from thinking clearly? Has there ever been a time where it has led you into an awkward or bad situation?
  2. After reading about each of the four, which obstacle to critical thinking do you think is the most dangerous should it become pervasive or widespread in how or what people think? What are the reasons you think it is the most dangerous.
  1. Your posts should be no less than six substantive sentences for each numbered question, written using college level English.

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