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1.This discussion forum invites you to write a post on SFL and how it can be used to inform language and content integrated instruction.Please read the article (Schleppegrell and Go (2007) )that I posted and please address the following question in your post. (2 paragraphs)

The authors explained using SFL concepts such as processes, circumstances, and participants can help students better addressed the three central tasks in writing (what is the text about? how is judgement/evaluation expressed? how is the text organized?) in writing or evaluating writing. Please choose one example from the article to explain how SFL concepts can be used to help English learners better understand “linking meaning and structure that helps students write in fuller and more effective ways” (p. 529).

2. write a poem it can be as short as a haiku or as long and formal as a sonnet. according these two articles (1. Short & Echevarría (1999), 2. Daniel & Conlin (2015) Shifting attention back to students within the SIOP.pdf)

As you read these two pieces, please focus on these questions to write a poem:

What is the SIOP model? In what context was it first being developed? In what ways do you find the SIOP model an effective approach to making content more accessible to language learners? Can you connect the SIOP model with what Zwiers and Gibbons discuss in their books on the approaches to integrating language and content?

What are some of Daniel and Conlin’s (2015) critiques on the SIOP model? Do you agree with their takes on the SIOP model? Why or why not?

Do you have any critiques on the SIOP model? Think about how language is being conceptualized in the SIOP model? How can we reimagine the SIOP Model to reflect our current understandings of language like disciplinary literacy and SFL?

In what ways the SIOP model informs your thinking of language and content integrated instruction?


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