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1, The story begins with a sense of liberation. It’s a beautiful summer day, the children are out of school, and the villagers have begun assembling in the square to hold a lottery. It is unclear exactly what the prize of this lottery is going to be, and this mystery persists throughout the story. Clearly, the scene has been set for future revelations, which is exactly what the initial situation is supposed to be about.

“The Lottery” teaches us that the majority of people are unwilling to break with tradition no matter how out dated or barbaric they may be. Most people are inclined to participate if they are not the target of the negative or harmful act being committed. Once the attention is turned towards them, the targeted person will quickly change their outlook. As soon as Tessie realizes her family “won” the Lottery, the procedure became unfair and she wanted a “do over”. She was told to “be a good sport” and that “All of us took the same chance” again showing that everyone was okay with the outcome as long as it wasn’t them.

The setting is a village or small town with a small population and we can assume that everyone depended on each other in some way. We can also see that everyone knew each other, especially Tessie. The plot foreshadows the conclusion when instead of being eager to win the lottery, everyone is looking forward to finding out that someone they don’t like is chosen to die. Even Tessie’s own children and husband are given a stone to throw at her which shows how normative that event is for everyone there.

The Lottery” explores shifts concerning opinions and loyalties. Finally, it portrays the theme of family since it is during lottery that the emotional bonds between mother and child, husband and wife, and friend and friend becomes insignificant. But family bonds become important after lottery has ended which is followed by mourning of those who have lost their members.

2, The Lottery

This is a metaphorical story. The story is set in an overhead, preserving old tradition of the village. Every year, the patriarch will choose a person from the black box to sacrifice. The way of sacrifice is to be killed by all the other village People alive. The question is asking the ask of the core of this novel. Why the do you want to use the stone hit the winning people? For the sacrifice itself is a very old, already outdified tradition. The villagers themselves do not know why they want To keep this tradition, but passively repeating a mechanized process every year, and even turn a blind eye to death. This novel is ironic is the humble thing that mankind keeps old things old.

The article figure of the characters and the figure of the modern American short story. Shirley Jackson’s portrayal of foolish obedience, selfishness and cruelty of the extreme deformed figure, with a highly abstract symbolic meaning, The impact of human nature and the illusion of democracy in the capitalist operation mechanism, the theory of the author of the tradition, the future, the future, Ideals and beliefs and other aspects of philosophical thinking,

Summers, who is responsible for the “The Lottery”, is the form of the beginning of the year or the passage of time; his assistant (Graves) means “grave” which implies that the result of each touch is a A person’s death, but also Implies that the touch of life itself should eventually go to the place – of course, the author’s own intention it. (Delacroix) the original meaning of the “cross”; can be, the author at the beginning of the story of most Villagers are always misunderstood these names, and completely forget the correct reading. The deep meaning of this is naturally related to Christianity – the villagers have long been unable to correctly understand the true doctrine of Christianity. In addition, the crumbling three-legged broken stool Was seen as a divine right to the authority of the trinity.


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