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In reality, making a purchase is usually emotional. Studies show that people buy with their hearts more than their heads. Sometimes, people buy on impulse because they like what they see, or they buy because they feel unhappy and think the purchase will make them happy. Sometimes they buy because they feel guilty or because their friend is buying something.

The following are two dimensions of shopping experiences:

  • Utilitarian: Shopping to achieve a goal or complete a task
  • Hedonic: Shopping because it is fun and because people enjoy it

Understanding these dimensions can provide insight into consumer behavior. Consumers can also be categorized into the following three categories:

  • Impulsive: Impulsive buyers purchase products quickly.
  • Patient: Patient buyers purchase products after making some comparisons.
  • Analytical: Analytical buyers do substantial research before making the decision to purchase products or services.

What is your buying behavior?

Discuss some of the emotions that you might feel when buying a product or service. If you had to name what type of consumer you are, what would it be? Complete the following:

  • Name the type of consumer that you are.
  • Write a summary of how you feel when you buy something.

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