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Amy Cyrex Sins, “Doberge Cake after Katrina”


The focus for this week’s reading is on family recipes. You will be reading a short essay by Amy Cyrex Sins, “Doberge Cake after Katrina” (click on the blue hyperlink to access a pdf copy of the text). Sins’ text was first published in a collection of essays on important food dishes in women’s lives called Storied Dishes: What Our Family Recipes Tell Us about Who We Are and Where We’ve Been (2011).

In her essay, Sins discusses the importance of food to the people of Louisiana and the loss of her family recipes due to Hurricane Katrina. Please make sure to read carefully and to annotate Sins’ essay.

Discussion Prompt:

Discussion posting is a 2-part response to your reading of Amy Cyrex Sins’ “Doberge Cake after Katrina.” First, write up a brief summary of Sins’ text (1st paragraph). Then, reflect upon why Sins includes the recipe for Doberge Cake in her essay and what it might represent (2nd paragraph). In your response, you will need to make specific references to Sins’ text by summarizing, paraphrasing, and/or quoting it.


Please respond to the above discussion prompt in approximately 12-15 sentences.

Follow the Rubric


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