Discussion 3: Birkland Ch. 4

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Answer the following questions after you complete chapter 2, “Learning from Earthquakes and Hurricanes”. Then respond to two classmate’s posts once I submit this discussion post. Will have 12 hours to respond to classmates.

Part 1: What is the difference between hazard mitigation and disaster response policies? Are both types of policies just as important or is one more crucial then the other? Explain your response and your reasoning.

Part 2: What are the differences between hurricanes and earthquakes in terms of public involvement, interest group mobilization, governmental interest/agenda, and ultimately policy formation? How does Birkland use Congressional testimony between 1990-2002 to support his argument about the latter?

Make sure to read the above carefully and thoroughly address all parts of the question.

Also note that part of your attendance/participation score comes from your interaction in the discussion forums. After you respond to the question above, please make sure to thoughtfully address 2 additional classmate’s posts.


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