Digital Media project

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Digital media has changed the ways
ideas, information, and arguments in society are communicated both locally
and globally. Individuals and organizations frequently use digital media as a
means to influence individuals and organizations.

Students are required to identify
news stories which demonstrate how digital media has been used to influence
or has changed core business processes within organizations or for
individuals. You will then create a presentation (using an application like PowerPoint)
which interprets and analyzes how the messages within the digital media were
used to guide decision-making.

  1. Formatting Requirements

  • Project must follow APA style

  • Footers including slide numbers, student name, and
    project name

  • File name first initial, last name and project (ex.

  • Minimum of 15 slides, maximum 20 slides (excluding
    title slide and bibliographical slide)

  • Use of tables, graphs, images, etc. of appropriate
    size that are relevant to the information being conveyed is highly encouraged.

  • Title slide to include:

  1. Your name

  2. Instructor name

  3. Course name and number

  4. Project title

  • Content Requirements

    • Introduction and Synopsis of News Story

    • Influence on or change to Organization and/or

    • Analysis of How Digital Media Guided Decision Making

    • Conclusion and Analysis of Results of Change

    • Bibliographical slide with minimum of 2 professional
      / scholarly sources. Wikipedia is not acceptable.

    Keep in mind the 7 x 7 rule with
    presentation software, which effectively states no more than 7 words per
    bullet and 7 bullets per slide. This something to keep in mind to assist in
    effectively communicating information and not a specific requirement of the

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