Detailed analysis

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For this paper, you will select a specific injury you would like to learn more about. Using a minimum of three peer-reviewed references, you will discuss this injury in detail. You will include common mechanisms of injury, anatomy of the injury (which structures are involved), presenting signs/symptoms, diagnostic procedures and/or special tests, and the basic healing process, rehabilitation, or surgery that needs to be done in order for the athlete to return to play.

This paper will be a minimum of 5 pages in length not including the title page and reference page. The paper will be written in APA format. Please feel free to include appropriate graphics and photos (but include them as appendices–they should not be used to “take up space” on the 5 pages of the paper body)!

Please make sure you reference appropriately both in the paper body and at the end. If it is a fact, statistic, or number, you must cite it appropriately. Do not try to pass off others’ works as your own (if you didn’t know if before your research began, it should be cited).

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