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The first chart will be for Green Candy Company a low cost organic candy company that now needs a formal organizational structure. It has 250 employees organized around various mechanized manufacturing lines. One line makes green gum drops, another makes green licorice sticks, and another small bags of green fudge. It plans to market to organic groceries someday.

The second chart will be for our client Sucker, Inc., a specialty candy manufacturer of hard candy. It is designed around several handmade products developed in small batches by work teams. The orders for these candies come in from people and businesses who are interested in buying unique, high quality candy for special events such as weddings and corporate retreats.

Remember, you will need to provide a narrative of your reasoning. Put this narrative in the speaker notes section of the PowerPoint slides. Submit your PowerPoints for both companies as one submission for your team.

  • Length: 5-10 slides (with separate title and reference slide) Notes Length: 80-200 words for each slide – these notes should be in the Speaker Notes section of the PowerPoint slides.
  • Be sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style.
  • Make sure your presentation follows good PowerPoint design principles (e.g., readable font, uses one template, one inch borders around the slides) and contains transitions, builds, and animation when appropriate.
  • The first slide in the presentation should be the title page. The last slide(s) in the presentation should be the list of references you used for the assignment in APA format. All assertions in your submission must have citations and references.

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