Describe 4 pictures Easy work!

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Just describe 4 pictures, every problem need about 200 words. All requires are in the files. There are 3 chapters you can read about it and one examples answers for you!!! thank you!

Password for chapters :

assemblage chapter 1
syncretism chapter 2

banjo chapter3


For example, this is the African House on the Melrose
Plantation in Isle Breville, Louisiana. It is discussed in
Chapter 2. Below are some sample paragraphs that
might be written about this subject.

An “A” level answer:
The African House was built in the 1790s by African
slaves under the direction of Marie Thérèse Quan Quan, a former slave who married a French
man. Her husband gave her land for a plantation and this structure was built as a storehouse. It is
an example of Africanism in 18th century American architecture. The African influence is shown
in its earth brick walls and high pitched roof with big overhangs. It is used for storage, similar to
West African granaries. African cultures traditionally pass on information in oral history, so it
may be that her African family described these types of buildings to her. It also is an example of
syncretism, or the combination of features from different cultures. The shutters on the doors and
windows show European influence. (Note: Notice how the student uses critical thinking and
applies concepts learned in a different section of the course to this example.)

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