Definition Essay

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Definition Essay is an extended explanation of a subject. Write a Definition Essay 750+ words in length.

For the definition essay, you want to give the reader as thorough and complete an explanation of the topic as you can. Use as many of the other modes of writing (in shortened form) as you think necessary to provide a thorough explanation. The introduction and conclusion need to emphasize why this new explanation of yours is important to know; emphasize how your definition gives new insight into the topic.


Art is …

Beauty is …

Educated is …

Success is…

Before you think you are finished with the essay, re-read the introduction and conclusion to make sure that you tell the readers why this new understanding of the topic is important for them to know.

I will NOT accept late work!

YOU ARE NOT TO LOOK UP ANYTHING ONLINE OR IN ANY OTHER OUTSIDE SOURCE FOR THE CONTENTS OF THESE ESSAYS!!!!! I will submit all 6 essays to an originality checker, and if the results show that you plagiarized from another source, the grade will be 0/F for the assignment. Even giving proper source citations and a list of sources is NOT acceptable for these assignments. YOU are the only source you need for the information in these essays. The point of these writing assignments is to give YOU practice in expressing your own ideas. In sophomore-, junior-, and senior-level courses, your professors will increasingly require written responses to assignments. (You will have fewer multiple-choice, true/false, matching, and other objective forms of assessment the higher you go in post-high school education.) It is imperative to your success and achieving high grades in these courses that you develop the capacity to express YOURSELF well in writing. You already know how to copy/paste from the internet—this is no new skill. Besides, your professors can look it up for themselves if that were all they wanted.

The temptation is there for you to fall back on the old junior high/high school favorite–the 5-paragraph essay. ANY ASSIGNMENT SUBMITTAL THAT IS ONLY 5 PARAGRAPHS LONG WILL EARN NO MORE THAN A 60/D FOR A GRADE. This tired formula represents a minimal amount of effort–a minimal passing grade is a 60. Most of your college professors want you to tell them how MUCH you know of the subject, not how little you know. If you really aspire to the top scores and the real learning they represent, you have to go to the additional effort. Enjoy the surprise of learning more than you thought you would in going to the extra effort.

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