Death Penalty

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Read the article titled, “Does Death Penalty Save Lives? A New Debate” located at Next, take a stand for or against the death penalty and discuss the effectiveness of the death penalty in preventing murders.

Identify and discuss one (1) major difference between State Tort Cases and Federal Section 1983.


At the fear of coming across harsh, I am a firm believer in the death penalty and the effectiveness it could have with some changes in the procedure. However, I do not think the death penalty truly prevents murders because a person being executed happens very rarely and far between. A person can sit on death row for 20 and 30 years using tax payers money to live and wait for execution. I think the process of a person going from conviction to sentencing to the date of being executed takes entirely too long. I understand cases go through appeals processes but 20 years of another family waiting for justice is entirely too long in my opinion. The studies from the article do not seem to have been in depth enough to prove that the death penalty lowers the number of murders. I think there need to be more studies done but I do not see it being beneficial in proving the effectiveness. I know there are going to be varying opinions on this controversial issue and hope to gain more insight from this weeks discussion.

Section 1983 is a part of the Civil Rights Act of 1871 and was created with the goal of combating post Civil War racial violence in the southern states. Tort is a civil wrong where the action of a person causes injury to another person or their property. Some differences between the two are Section 1983 is for federal cases and Tort cases are states cases. In Section 1983 only public officials can be sued where public officials and private persons can be sued.

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