De Anza College Wk 1 Why You Think Study of Human Biology Is Important Discussion

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Week 1 Discussion Thread

1919 unread replies.1919 replies.

The Weekly Discussion Forum/Thread is a great place for you to learn from each other and to connect the material we are learning to world around you.  I encourage you to actively participate here in a positive and encouraging manner.


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Discussion Questions:

1. Briefly list three reasons why you think the study of Human Biology is important, in light of any current event.

2. Look at the Contemporary Health topics in the syllabus (table on page 4, column 4).  List three additional topics (of your interest or relevance), that you would like to be discussed in this or future Human Biology classes


answer these two students:Jeanne TrangTuesdayJan 4 at 10:18pmManage Discussion EntryI think studying human biology is important because it allows us to have a more insightful understanding of how our bodies work and come together within this world. In a sense, we are all a puzzle piece on this earth and together we form this community or the flow of human life. I think in the light of what we are going through in terms of the pandemic this course will highlight some components of why maybe our bodies are reacting the way they are with the virus, the long term effects after being contaminated with the virus, and importantly how has all these topics that we’ll learn about be translated into “science” and our reality of what we know.  Also with our knowledge in this course, also gives us the platform to process how we as humans have evolved over the years – through adjusting and adapting new viruses, new weather changes, and the food industry itself has evolved — so the way food is also evolving with the changes in our bodies.Something that I would like to learn about in addition to what we’ve already have set in the topic lists would be the immune system and how that kind of ties in with vaccines and other types of injections play a part in how the way our body reacts and receives the medications. I know we’ll be touching upon nutrients and food. I am curious to see how effective over-the-counter vitamins, supplements, and etc also changed the core of how we as humans supply some of the missing factors from our day-to-day diet. Lastly, something I’d want to have a better understanding of is the evolution of cancer. Will it potentially get to the point where it’s very common kind of like the common cold? Or will it potentially get more and more aggressive? Will it stay about the same due to medications and treatments coming out? Collapse SubdiscussionMaria MicianoMaria MicianoFridayJan 7 at 4:52pmManage Discussion EntryMy three reasons for why human biology is important are it will help science further into what the human body needs, help make cures for any disease if possible, and create effective materials that could heal broken parts of the body.  These reasons are the first I can think of for what science could do once the opportunity arises.  The first has already been in great progress for human biology but it could become even better for the future.  People have needs that have to be met with health by any means like medicines plus other remedies, the right food for each person, and patients should get advice on how to live a good life.  The second this could apply to medicines, pills, and remedies in order to eliminate diseases that can be.  This would give the world healthier people and almost disease less.  The third and final one was a bit rushed but we do have means of healing bones and wounds.  But this could improve as well with the resources that we have like wheelchairs, crutches, arm slings, bandage wraps, etc.  There are so many but all things can be upgraded into smaller and or less material.  Once these are created, it will be cheaper for everyone involved.I am not quite sure what else can be discussed honestly.  But I’ll think of three topics but I’m going to phrase them as questions.  What exercise should younger people do?  Are cities bad for health compared to rural areas?  Finally, are vacations good for a person’s health?

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