DBU Calories of Candy Nutritional Questions

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I’m working on a biology multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

1.A candy bar has a total mass of 2.5 ounces. In a calorimetry experiment, a 1.0-g sample of this candy bar was burned in a calorimeter surrounded by 1000. g of water. The temperature of the water in contact with the burning candy bar was measured and found to increase from an initial temperature of 21.2 °C to a final temperature of 24.3 °C.

a.Calculate the amount of heat in calories released when the 1.0-g sample burned.

b.Convert the heat in calories to nutritional Calories and divide by the mass of the burned sample in grams to obtain the energy content (also called fuel value) in units of Calories per gram.

c. Multiply this value by the total number of grams in the candy bar to calculate the total calorie content of the candy bar in Calories. Hint: Convert the mass in ounces to grams.

2. Consult the nutritional labels on two of your favorite snack foods: Report their total calorie content (total Calories) and calculate their fuel value (Calories per gram).


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