Dataset :

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Dataset :

Challenge :

  • Using one of the assigned dataset, create a Tableau dashboard. The dashboard must contain:At least 5 charts (3 marks each, Total 15)
  • At least three KPI (1 point each, total 3)
  • At least one calculated field (2 marks)
  • At least one set, group  or clusters (2 mark)
  • A storyline (10 marks)
  • Presentation technique (3 marks)

Note :

-Try to use different visualization charts for different purposes. ( if you have different comparison, utilize different kinds of Barchart for comparison to make your story eye catching).

  • Don’t forget each story, usually start with a question. What question you want to respond?
  • Your story should have consistency between pages.
  • Your story is not a dashboard.
  • If there are many points in the chart, simplify the chart to one point, through using group, or set.
  • If there are many categories in your Viz, just keep the most important ones you want to compare.
  • Don’t forget the appropriate title for each worksheet.
  • Annotation can help you for more clarity.

– 35% of the whole mark will be deducted for late submission for the first day and 50% for the second day.

Due DateNov 29, 2022 11:59 PM

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