Data Warehousing assignment

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Objective(s):Using an existing, normalized, transaction database, design a data warehouse. The data warehouse should be designed using a star-schema, de-normalized structure. The data warehouse design should also adhere to the best practices.

Methodology:You will be given a small (5 tables), normalized transaction database. Using the guidelines in videos and power point for designing data warehouses, you will create a de-normalized schema for all fields. You must decide what tables should exist in the resulting data warehouse, how those tables will be related, and what fields will be contained in each table. Your design should also take into consideration the reporting and analysis that would ultimately be performed against the data warehouse. (Hint: You may want to begin with possible reporting requirements).

Deliverable(s): You will submit a final design for your data warehouse in an electronic document. The data warehouse design can be created using MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, or MS-Visio. You are ONLY responsible for the DESIGN LAYOUT of the data warehouse: You are NOT required to build a functioning data warehouse in a DBMS (e.g., MS-Access, Oracle, etc.).

Here is some helpful videos.

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