Darwin’s theory of evolution , writing homework help

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Write one full single-spaced page. No credit for summary. do not plagiarism.

WATCH: “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea (链接到外部网站。)” 2hrs (Watch all 7 parts, and if this link is broken, You are responsible to find these films free online or rent them from Netflix.

Write a one page essay in which you take a stand on the following question:

“Can Darwin’s theory of evolution (natural selection) and traditional monotheistic creationism be held together without contradiction?”

Be sure to do all of the following based on the film and course readings only:

  • Provide a clear thesis for your stand, e.g. “In this paper I will argue Darwinism and Creationism can (or cannot) be held together without contradiction.”
  • Explain (briefly) Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection
  • Explain (briefly) the traditional view creationist view
  • Explain the contradiction
  • Give at least one good reason for your position
  • Consider and refute your opposition’s best argument
  • Be thoughtful and persuasive
  • No outside sources, use only the film to answer the question


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