Curriculum Presentation

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Curriculum Presentations. Students will choose an English Language
Arts, non-Direct Instruction (DI) skills-based program/curriculum that you might use in your
future classroom from among different publishing companies

(include a sample lesson within your presentation along with program specifics such as who it is for, grade levels, cost, alignment to Common Core State Standards [CCSS], research, what is taught and how it is taught, web-link, etc.],

The required number of slides is 12 (excluding cover and reference pages)

the rubric:

  • Accurate and complete
    information is
    presented in a concise
    and logical sequence.
  • Presentation included
    required number of
    slides (i.e., 12).
  • Group member names
    and title of curriculum
    are included on the
    first slide.
  • Page numbers appear
    on all slides of the
  • Non-Direct Instruction
    was chosen with
    specific info including
    sample lesson,
    research, web-link
    provided, etc.
  • Background and text
    complement each
  • Easy to read and
    consistent throughout
  • Graphics are appropriate
    and relate to content. Spell check has been
    utilized throughout
    presentation.Correct grammar is

    I will give you example of what exactly what I want so will be easy for you to follow the subtitle that will be in the example
    also, I have the name of curriculum

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