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The text book that must be used is : Hanser, Robert D., INTRODUCTION TO CORRECTIONS, 2nd edition, Sage Publications, 2017ISBN 978-1-5063-0675-9 (pbk.)The textbook is an important centerpiece of the course because it serves as a manual around which all course material is supplemented, compared and/or contrasted.

And choose on of the chapters below to relate it to the publication you found :

Chapter 1: Early History of Punishment and the Development of Prisons in the United States

Chapter 2:Ideological and Theoretical Underpinnings to Sentencing and Correctional Policy

Chapter 3: Correctional Law and Legal Liabilities

Chapter 16:The Death Penalty

Chapter 17: Program Evaluation, Evidence – Based Practices, and Future Trends in Corrections


Each written assignment involves information provided in the textbook and research/policy information found in professional publications.The textbook for the course serves as a “manual” common to the entire class. The publications from the Internet and/or library serve as documents to be analyzed within the context of the textbook (“manual”), and should vary depending upon the interests of the student.

Each written assignment is graded on the basis of format as well as content.


The content of each paper is to be based on the textbook and at least one (1) professional publication analyzed in the context of a topic covered in the respective part of the textbook under study, and selected by the student for analysis.Suggestions for relevant professional publications are listed in Appendix B of this syllabus.

Papers will be graded on the basis of the professional credentials of the author of the publication(s) used, the recency of the publication (s), the amount of research undertaken in locating publication(s), the appropriateness of the subject matter, and the balance of the analysis between the textbook (“manual”) and publication(s).

Unless specific instructions state otherwise, the content of each written assignment should address each of the following questions:

1.What information in the publication(s) is comparable to information found in the textbook?

2.What information in the publication(s) is in contrast with information found in the textbook?

3.What information in the publication(s) supplements information found in the textbook?


Format requires that each written assignment be typed on 8½” X 11″ paper. The text should be single-spaced; page margins are to be no greater than 1 inch; and the type size (font) should be about the same size as the font used to type these instructions (12 point Times New Roman). The assignment should contain a minimum of 40 lines of analysis with a maximum overall length of 80 lines.

Long quotations from either the publication(s) or the textbook will not count more than 2 lines toward the minimum of 40 lines.Undocumented personal opinions are encouraged; but should appear only after a minimum of 40 lines of analysis has been written.

Be sure to check your spelling and grammar, as well as have enough ink/toner, in your printer to enable clearly printed pages.Papers should be submitted in a case file format, i.e.

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