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The first sentence will say: I did (how many hours, what campaign(s), and the supervisor’s phone number). Then you will write a 2-3 page reflection paper answering the following questions:

1) What activity (ies) did you participate in during your field work?

2) Why is this activity (ies) vital to the success of a campaign?

3) What are at least 2 other activities a campaign participates in to be successful?

4) Overall, what did you enjoy about your field experience?

This is my work below, please continue and edit :

I have made 24 hours volunteer this quater. I did cellphone stoff. Basiclly it is I call people to ask do they wants to sopport Dominic Caserta. My supervisor cellphone number is 4087719704.

One thing I did there is call people. It is very simple. I got a paper. It has all people’s phone number, and they are all chinese. All i need to do is talk to them, because I speak my home language I don’t have to worry anything about my language problem. So I try to call the first number. No one answer. Then I call the second, third they were all no one answer. Oh I realize if I am the guy got called and I see those phone number I do not know I won’t pick it up. It is a big problem. I can only try this with my luck, hope they answer me. Then I keep calling those number. Finally the first people answer my call. I was little bit nervous truly, because that is my first time to call people for ask that question. So I said hello. Then what she said is really surprised me. I have thought so many thing she will said but I have never thing that. She said Korean. Which I am pretty sure that is means hello in Korean. Then I end the call. I can not speak any Korean. This really makes me worry my next work. What if they don’t speak Chinese how do i talk to them. I don’t know to speak that in english. But I know I have to keeping call those numbers. After few numbers I called, one is up and he speak very well chinese. WOW finally I got a right call! Then I ask him the first question do you know about Dominic Caserta. He answer no. Well then I explam every thing about Dominic Caserta. Ask him does him interesting about him. He asid no. Then we ended. This is a very hard work. It is very hard to get them interest.

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