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Assignment Prompt
1.) For this essay, you are required to:
• write about any problem that is of interest to you, and
• propose a new solution that will work to solve part or all of the problem.
IMPORTANT: You should select a problem that you can successfully define and analyze and
propose and defend a solution for in a minimum of 1,200 words. For example, world poverty is too
broad of a topic for an essay of this length, but poverty in Cleveland is a manageable topic.
2.) Your essay must do the following (based on the Dewey Sequence):
• Define the problem
• Analyze the problem
• Propose a solution
• Defend the proposed solution and address any potential objections
3.) Your essay must include the following:
• An introduction with a hook (review Hooks and Attention Grabbers for examples) and strong thesis
• Developed body paragraphs with strong topic sentences, cited support, and concluding
• At least 4 unique sources, cited and referenced properly in APA style (no more than 20% of essay
consists of quoted text)
• A word count of 1,200 words, at a minimum (excludes cover page and references page)

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