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[Use Table 1( file include below) for your analysis. Analyze and compare the volume, trend and pattern in three countries. Explain which country is better than others. Limit to 2-3 pages. Use sub-heads and paragraphs, as needed.]

Important Things to Remember/Keep in Mind/Include When Writing Your Part:

• Country we are choosing to enter: MALAYSIA

• When writing, be sure to write about why we chose Malaysia and not the other countries, this is where the data comes in handy.

• 12-point font, double-spaced. APA format.

• Write 2-3 pages.

• Make sure to compare the countries to one another when you are writing, don’t just describe.

• Remember to reference tables when writing (also helps with taking up space.) Provide evidence for your reasons/decisions.


  • Without electricity we cannot use the Microwave. (table E)
  • Why should urbanization matter? People are living in more urban areas than rural. People who live in more urbanized areas have more purchasing power. More urbanization more money. (table D)
  • Why should we learn about total population? More people more microwaves (more consumption-more mouths to feed). (table C)
  • To see how many microwaves are in possession. If you have a more saturated market you have less amount of entry. Vice versa. (table B)
  • Understand the trend (2010-2015). Which country shows you most growth? Which country looks more favorable? (table A)

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