​Conquest and trade brought cultures together for the people in early Mesoamerica, history homework help

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Conquest and trade brought cultures together for the people in early Mesoamerica.

Create a powerpoint demonstrating the ways that people in North America displayed similar patterns.

  • Your presentation should include the Native American groups that you learned about.
  • Your presentation should illustrate how socieities interacted with one another.
  • Your presentation should be at lest six slides with three bullet points each.
    Provide a works cited page for all sources that you use.

By this point, you know all about the fall of one empire causing the rise of another, and you know that the Byzantine empire was eventually taken over by the Turks and spread Muslim ideals. Eventually, the Ottoman Empire was created and declined over time, creating a new nation which is modern day Turkey. So, again you have a new nation the rose out of the collapse of another. Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

  1. Recall from the previous unit, what main traits caused the Turks to conquer Byzantine? How did they come to become the Ottomans?
  2. Create a timeline that shows the events that show the rise and decline of the Ottoman Empire and the creation of modern-day Turkey. You can do this by writing the dates and writing at least three sentences that explains the events.

Make sure to include influential leaders and their contribution to the rise and decline of the Ottoman Empire. Include at least 8 events.

To turn in your presentation and the written parts at the same time. Copy and paste Task 1 and 2 onto the first slide of your powerpoint presentation and submit.


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