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Conflict Situation

Download or view the Week 9 Special Glossary

(attached file # 1)

Let’s examine conflict negotiation more closely:

1. How can you manage your emotions in a conflict situation so that you remain aware of how you are communicating?

2. When you have a conflict with someone with whom you only communicate online (instructor, another student, online customer service, etc.) how do you resolve your conflict…what is appropriate and what is not?

3. When you have a conflict with someone whom you see face to face, how do you resolve your conflict…what is appropriate and what is not?

After answering the first three questions (above), examine the following situation and then answer question #4 (below):

Your work group has moved to a new building and the space on your floor is limited, so two groups will be sharing a break room. When you arrive you find it has a coffee machine along with free supplies, a microwave, two very small tables which seat two or three people each, a fresh water dispenser and a refrigerator. The first time you need to empty your coffee cup you realize there is no sink in the room. You wonder how you did not notice that sooner. There is a place large enough to add a sink; however, you find some on the floor would prefer to have a vending machine with either soft drinks or snacks. So, a survey is taken and those who favor the vending machine get their wish.

According to this week’s lecture and the special Week 9 Glossary, this conflict negotiation outcome is a “win-lose”; those of you who wanted a sink were forced to give up your preference, resulting in a lot of resentment from your group toward the other group. In your way of thinking, a sink was a necessity for health reasons while a vending machine was a simple desire.

This one small incident could escalate and become a point of real contention among those on the floor.

4. What conflict negotiation style would you use and what different action (if any) would you suggest in order to resolve this conflict situation


Imagine the following situation with YOU as the employee:

You were expecting a pay increase at work, but then you learned that a coworker who has less time on the job than you received a raise, and you did not. (Note: In this case the conflict is with your boss, not the other employee…it’s not their fault that they received the raise and you didn’t, so they should have no part in this conflict with your employer.)

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