Conceptual Framework

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Rewrite the following sentences using different theory with current article, for example; Yaomi’s (2013) theory of planned behavior (TPB). Note; Paraphrase all sentences so that you do not create plagiarism.

The conceptual framework was Ajzen’s (1991) theory of planned behavior (TPB). Ajzen’s TPB evolved from an earlier theory, the theory of reasoned action, which advanced that behavior was voluntary and under control. In TPB, behavior is deliberate and not voluntary, unlike the earlier views in the theory of reasoned behavior (Ajzen, 1991). Ajzen built on the TPB on the theory of reasoned action by introducing perceived behavioral control. The theory includes three beliefs:

• Behavioral belief, which deals with the likely consequences of behavior

• Normative belief, which deals with the normative expectations of others

• Control beliefs, which involve the presence of factors, which promote or hinder performance of the behavior

According to the TPB, behavioral beliefs produce either favorable or unfavorable attitudes toward behavior, and normative belief results in perceived social pressure that result in perceived behavioral control (Ajzen, 1991). The combination of the beliefs leads to the creation of behavioral intention. The control beliefs aspect of the theory provides the conceptual framework to explore how managers may promote compliance with EPA regulations in Ghana’s mining sector (Ajzen, 1991).

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