Comprehensive Essay

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Comprehensive Essay Instructions

Please read the below 8 sources carefully; and then, write 10 full pages comprehensive essay. Considering that this is covers all the material of the course, brevity is not advised. These papers typically run around ten pages, or more.

Citations: Eight source

  • Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau Assigned:
    • “Life Without Principle”
    • “spots of time”
  • Anthologies of Walt Whitman Assigned:
  • Edgar Allan PoeAssigned:
    • “The Raven”
    • “The Tell-Tale Heart”
    • “The Premature Burial”
  • The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway
  • Deams from My Father by Barack Obama
  • In Country by Bobbie Ann Mason
  • The Girls in My Town by Angela Morales Assigned:
    • “Chief Little Feather, Where are you?”
    • “One Small Step”
    • Gunslinging”
    • The Big Divorce

Throughout the course, we are using various terms interchangeably: “self-reliance,” “self-actualization,” and “authenticity.” All of these terms seem to signify an ongoing process functioning as the result of “knowing thyself.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson has a detailed description of “self-reliance,” while Abraham Maslow provides the definition for “self-actualization.” Existentialist philosophers often define, and discuss the importance of “authenticity.”

What do these terms mean to you, and how do they relate to knowing one’s self? How does one approximate these concepts in their own life, and how does one begin know one’s self? What are the obstacles – social, cultural, personal, political – that you believe interfere with knowing one’s self, and achieving self-reliance/self-actualization/authenticity?

Use the literature we have read to delineate detailed principles and ideas to answer this question and refer to characters in the stories and novels we’ve read to offer examples illustrative of knowing one’s self, or not knowing one’s self, self-reliance and authenticity, or their absence.

Do not hesitate to insert personal references, stories, and background biography into the essay. How do you relate to his discussion? How do you plan on putting these ideas into practice in your own life, if at all?

Length: 10 full pages – reference page not counted with the 10 pages. Time new Romans font, 12 inches, double space. In-text citation in MLA format + citation page.

Due Date: 4 days from now

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