Complete the Following Assignment on Rhetorical Devices.

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Find an example in a campaign speech of each of the 12 rhetorical devices covered in this lesson. Transcripts of campaign speeches are easy to find online. Here is one good site: but you are welcome to use different sites with different candidates’ speeches.
Give one example for each rhetorical device. State the device in bold. Below it, copy-paste the example text from the speech (as briefly as possible). Use a highlighting feature to draw attention to the specific example. Copy past the URL where you got the speech. Below that, write why the candidate used that device. What does it add to the speech. Below that, make up your own original example of that rhetorical device. Your work should look like this:

“Some of us had grandparents or parents who said MAYBE I CANT GO to college BUT MY CHILD CAN; MAYBE I CAN’T have my own business BUT MY CHILD CAN. I may have to RENT, but maybe my children will have a home they can call their OWN. I may NOT HAVE A LOT OF MONEY but maybe my child will RUN FOR SENATE. I might live in a SMALL VILLAGE but maybe someday my son can be PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”-Barack Obama, October 2, 2008.

Obama uses this device to juxtapose historical hardships with progress for the sake of the next generation. In doing so, he shows the listener that hardships they might be facing now will pass and will be worth the sacrifice. He uses this rhetorical device to make this point instead of saying it directly, to avoid stating and belittling actual hardships his audience are facing currently and bringing up any negative emotions they may have about it.

example: I may not enjoy this work, but I am going to do my best.

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