Complete Short Technology Assignment

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TE 501

Article Review 3-Due, November 15, 2018

Due November 15, 2018

Review the article at the following link:…

This can also be used as a reference for your paper.

Article review should be 1.5 to 2 pages (this has been shortened for you) complete pages (introduction of the article in your own words, summary of article, your perception of the articles, how your think article relates to current matters, your conclusion). Article should be typed, double spaced, in APA format. Student should also have title page and reference. Please use 12 pt. and black font and in times new roman. Attached to the designated assignment link as an “attachment”, and please attach as one document. ONLY USE MS WORD TO COMPLETE AND SUMBIT DOCUMENT. DO NOT EMAIL ASSIGNMENT TO ME.

Your article review should be as following:

– Title page (no pictures or special designs on title page)

– Body

– Introduction

– Summary

– Your personal reflection of article (state if you agree or disagree and state why)

– Conclusion

– Reference Page (you should only list this article)

PLEASE REVIEW APA FORMAT. No more than 20% of your review should come from the article. Please use the safe assignment feature to help you.

In case you have difficulties with the link, see the name of the article in the Journal of Technology Studies, Spring 2015 edition, Volumn 41, Number 1

Adopting Mobile Technology in the Higher Education Classroom

Christopher B. Davison and Edward J. Lazaros

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